3 weeks… We need 3 weeks to create a ceramic piece; from the kneading, to the opening of the oven.

Everything begins by the clay kneading to give it the same density everywhere.
The shape’ll be draw to get a concrete idea.
Then starts the work on the potter’s wheel (electric for us).
We obtain the raw piece, let it rest and dry.
The next phase is the finishing: once the clay is not malleable, it comes back on the wheel to be refine with cutting tools and reaches its final aspect.
After this, come the decorations : application of handles, knobs lid,…
Dry again for a few time depending of the humidity percentage on the air.
We fill up the oven and start a first firing at 150°C for 5h00 to get a complete dry piece.
Then a second firing at 900°C with which we obtain a fragile and porous clay called the “biscuit”. 
My wife paints this “biscuit” with a home-made glaze prepared with mineral powders what personalize our work.

Here it goes again in the oven for a 1250°C sandstone firing during 12h00.
At this temperature the piece become proper to culinary function without any porosity.

All this, is the ancestral handmade potter work.

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